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Our expert security consultants generally provide specialized security seminars in two formats:

  • General programs developed to address broad issues to a diverse audience; Seminars
  • Specific programs developed for a client to meet their specific needs, often including a review of their policies, procedures, and practices, so that the information addresses their particular operations.

Relevant learning and reference materials are furnished to attendees including:

  • Printed checklists and planning guides
  • CD ROM's containing up-to-date reference documents
  • Booklets and wallet guides
  • MS Word documents of seminar materials

A variety of issues are discussed and presented in such a manner as to replace fear with awareness, including:

  • Employee Awareness and Their Role In Overall Security
  • Front Desk/Receptionist Security
  • Executive Protection Program Planning
  • Travel Security Orientation For Business
  • Travel Security Orientation For Students, Staff, and Other Educators
  • Recognizing and Reacting To Danger When Traveling
  • Counter-Terrorism For Domestic and International Business
  • School Security
  • Aviation Security For Small-to-Medium Airports
  • Aviation Security For Corporate Air Operations
  • Cyber Security For Critical Infrastructure
  • Security System Enhancements Using Prevailing Technology
  • Vulnerability Assessments and Their Application To Varied Environments
  • Security Systems: What Works Best and What Are The Best Applications

Further information and details on the seminars can be obtained by writing or calling us today.

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