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James L. Johnson, Physical & Procedural Security Consultant - Multiple Environments
Jim is a Vietnam War veteran with over 14 years of professional law enforcement experience. Prior to starting his business in 1986, his law enforcement assignments ranged from 9-1-1 dispatcher and police patrol officer to crime prevention officer, to enforcement planner, to county undersheriff.

Jim has attended many special programs at nationally recognized institutions including the National Crime Prevention Institute, National Institute of Corrections, Northwestern University Traffic Institute, the International Association of Chief's of Police Design & Construction of Police Facilities, and graduated from the 134th session of the FBI National Academy.

Mr. Johnson's consulting career includes providing security analysis and facility design for many Fortune 500 companies including multi-national manufacturing companies, international financial corporations, architectural and engineering firms, world-destination amusement parks, airports, and federal, state, and local government agencies. He is recognized as a leader in the security planning and consulting profession. His presentations at national events are well received and often result in further projects and speaking engagements. He brings a logical, conservative approach to security projects, always addressing the realities of any situation rather than emotional responses to issues.

Security Consultants

James L. Johnson
James L. Johnson

Gordon B. Longton, Physical & Procedural Security Consultant - Water Utilities & Aviation
Commander Longton (Retired) served 27 years with the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) Police Department. He served as the airport security coordinator and was the systems administrator for the airport's integrated identification badging and electronic access control system. Gordy managed a 2001 purchase and installation of new controlling software for the $7 million system, and he administered the airport's primary 500+ camera closed circuit television (CCTV) system. He has hands-on experience in the assessment, planning, procurement, installation, and maintenance of complex technological security systems as he has worked with other MAC staff on the $2.5 billion expansion plan to meet the traveling public's needs. He worked closely with architects, engineers, security consultants, and many other professionals to plan and develop airport terminals, roadway systems, and parking facilities, ensuring that both security and public safety needs were properly addressed. He understands the many complex issues involved in planning, building, and opening multimillion-dollar facilities.

Gordy holds an AA degree from Normandale College and is a graduate of the Southern Police Institute, University of Louisville, with additional undergraduate work at the University of Minnesota. He has attended many courses and seminars focusing on security and vulnerability reduction, and he has served as a board member with the Airport Law Enforcement Agencies Network (ALEAN) and the National Safe Skies Alliance. Gordy brings a wide area of expertise in operations, technology, and vulnerability assessments.

Security Consultants

Gordon Longton
Gordon Longton

Diane M. Haida-Johnson, Special Needs Consultant -
K-12 Security Issues
Diane has been a special education coordinator for the past 25 years in the fourth largest Minnesota school district.

Ms. Haida-Johnson holds a bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Augsburg College (Minneapolis MN) and a Master's Degree in Counseling from the University of Wisconsin.

Diane's role as a Special Needs Consultant involves the review and development of evacuation and lockdown procedures, safety and security planning as it relates to students with special needs, facilitation of educational evaluations, program development, staff training, crisis prevention/intervention, and due process in regard to special education law.

Diane M. Haida-Johnson
Diane M. Haida-Johnson

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